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The Terex® HyPower™ team was lucky enough to attend the Canadian Utilities Equipment & Engineering Show (CUEE) show in Toronto.  CUEE is Canada’s largest marketplace for products and services related to the utility sector.

Terex HyPower PHEV Bucket Truck at the Toronto CUEE Show

Terex HyPower LT 38 Bucket Truck with Tailshelf battery compartment on a Dodge 4x4 Chassis

The Team brought a pair of our Terex HyPower PHEV’s for demonstration and display to the event.  The systems where a big hit with all of the users (look for more HyPower video on You Tube soon).

The HyPower systems best in class hybrid operating time, near silent operation and original tailshelf mounted battery compartment were specifically noted.  Users appreciated the careful design of the system which focuses on maximum working time and minimum interference with the working spaces of the crew.

Thanks to the fantastic crew who worked this show especially  Chris Cruickshank, Robert Badin, Rick Von Bommel and Jacques Cloutier with Wajax Industries.  We appreciate you.

The Telecom and Utility Fleet supplement for Lift and Access magazine features Terex Utilities products on the cover.  It also has a special section on Hybrid Service Trucks for Telecoms and Utilities.  They have great information about the range of Hybrid Bucket Trucks and Hybrid Digger Derricks available today.  The Terex HyPower PHEV System is highlighted and detailed in the article.

Have a look for yourself at the e-magazine.  The article beginning on page 10 features a picture of three different Terex HyPower Systems!

Terex Utilities has completed another successful “Hand’s On” event in Watertown, SD. This event, held at our overhead training facility, has run for 32 years and is considered by many people in our industry to be the best manufacturer-based training course for both experienced customers and new team members around.

This year there were 2 Terex® HyPower™ PHEV systems at the event.  The HyPower™ TL41 material handling Bucket Truck and the HyPower™Digger Derrick both logged hours of operation without polluting the South Dakota sky.  These units show our commitment to expanding the retrofit-able HyPower system to more of our product lines.


The Terex® HyPower™ Team has put together a video showing the difference between a traditional Utilities vehicle and our HyPower™.  Our system uses a state of the art power management system to draw stored energy from the HyPower’s batteries allowing us to operate almost silently while on the job site.

Traditional units work using the diesel engine of the vehicle to power job site operations.  This means that the engine runs at ‘high idle’ burning upt to 1,200 gallons of fuel yearly, emitting pollutants and making a great deal of noise.

The HyPower System saves the fuel, increases efficiency of the crews and virtually eliminates the noise.  Don’t take our word for it, watch the video.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) announced this week that is has approved nearly $500,000 in funds for the Terex® HyPower™ Hybrid Project. The project, scheduled to be completed in January 2012, will retrofit 12 medium- and heavy-duty utility service vehicles with the Terex® HyPower™ Hybrid System. The HyPower™ zero-emissions technology can significantly reduce vehicle fuel consumption, lower carbon dioxide emissions and minimize noise pollution when installed on utility service vehicles.


This week South Dakota Representative Stephanie Herseth Sandlin stopped by to meet with the Terex® team in Watertown, South Dakota. She was eager to hear about a peice of South Dakota innovation – the Terex® HyPower™ Hybrid system.

Stephenie toured the manufacturing facility talking to the hard working Dakotans who manufacture the HyPower™.  She finished the visit by taking one of the hybrid aerial devices up for a birdseye view of Watertown and the eastern South Dakota prairie.

Joe Caywood,Marketing Manager for Terex Utilities, commented “We appreciate the support from Representative Herseth Sandlin taking time out of her busy schedule to meet with us and her specific interest in the benefits of the HyPower system making a significant impact with reduced fuel consumption and emissions as well as providing quiet boom operation for utility crews”.

The Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition held a Workshop on Heavy Duty Hybrids this week and the Terex® HyPower™ was the star of the event.  KCFC is a member of Clean Cities and they do a fantastic job of matching fuel saving projects to government funding.  In 2009 the KCFC brought $12.9 million in stimulus funds to a program that will purchase more than 210 diesel hybrid electric school buses.

The meeting took place beside the new Transit Authority of River City, Maintenance Annex and Training Facility which is registered to become a LEED Gold Facility.  TARC partnered with Luckett & Farley, a Louisville based architectural Leader in Sustainable Design, to build this amazing facility which features a Green Roof, solar panels and a Bioswale.


Special thanks to Melissa Howell, KCFC Executive Director, and Geoffrey Hobin, TARC Special Programs Manager.


South Dakota Lieutenant Governor Dennis Daugaard recently stopped by to meet with Terex in Watertown, South Dakota. The Lt Governor took time to check out the Terex® HyPower™  Hybrid Utilities Service truck.

During his walk around of the vehicle he slipped on a harness and took the aerial device for a birds-eye view of the Terex facility. The PTO hybrid system was installed on a new TL55 aerial device. Dennis commented that the Terex® HyPower™ system is an impressive innovation, and will change the worksite atmosphere for the better by reducing fuel consumption, worksite noise pollution and emissions.

You can follow Lt. Governer Daugaard on Facebook at

On Friday, 5/21/10 President Obama said, “America has the opportunity to lead the world in the development of a new generation of clean cars and trucks through innovative technologies and manufacturing that will spur economic growth and create high-quality domestic jobs, enhance our energy security, and improve our environment.”  It almost sounds as if he were talking about our Terex® HyPower™ system specifically.

Terex® HyPower™ PHEV

.Terex HyPower at TN Lake

Enhance our energy security-

.Each HyPower™ System can save up to 1,200 gallons of fuel per year.  There are thousands of vehicles across the world that can be retrofitted with HyPower™systems.

Improve our environment-

By reducing diesel fuel use each  HyPower™can prevent 10 Tons of Air Pollution yearly.  Fleets can be quickly retrofitted to produce a real and lasting improvements.

Create high-quality jobs-

The HyPower™system is manufactured in South Dakota and can be retrofitted locally in more than 13 locations across the US.

Great Teams


We at Terex® are lucky to have great people working for us around the world.   Some of us work in offices and some of us work with our hands.  The Team Members shown below service and retrofit equipment in White House, TN.  Teams of hard working men and women like this are ready to upgrade existing Terex® Utilities vehicles to cutting edge PHEV’s with the HyPower™ Hybrid System.

Great Products


Terex® Utilities has been building high quality, high value products since 1945.  With the HyPower™ Hybrid System we are leading the way with new, green technologies for our customers and our communities.

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