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South Dakota Lieutenant Governor Dennis Daugaard recently stopped by to meet with Terex in Watertown, South Dakota. The Lt Governor took time to check out the Terex® HyPower™  Hybrid Utilities Service truck.

During his walk around of the vehicle he slipped on a harness and took the aerial device for a birds-eye view of the Terex facility. The PTO hybrid system was installed on a new TL55 aerial device. Dennis commented that the Terex® HyPower™ system is an impressive innovation, and will change the worksite atmosphere for the better by reducing fuel consumption, worksite noise pollution and emissions.

You can follow Lt. Governer Daugaard on Facebook at

On Friday, 5/21/10 President Obama said, “America has the opportunity to lead the world in the development of a new generation of clean cars and trucks through innovative technologies and manufacturing that will spur economic growth and create high-quality domestic jobs, enhance our energy security, and improve our environment.”  It almost sounds as if he were talking about our Terex® HyPower™ system specifically.

Terex® HyPower™ PHEV

.Terex HyPower at TN Lake

Enhance our energy security-

.Each HyPower™ System can save up to 1,200 gallons of fuel per year.  There are thousands of vehicles across the world that can be retrofitted with HyPower™systems.

Improve our environment-

By reducing diesel fuel use each  HyPower™can prevent 10 Tons of Air Pollution yearly.  Fleets can be quickly retrofitted to produce a real and lasting improvements.

Create high-quality jobs-

The HyPower™system is manufactured in South Dakota and can be retrofitted locally in more than 13 locations across the US.

Great Teams


We at Terex® are lucky to have great people working for us around the world.   Some of us work in offices and some of us work with our hands.  The Team Members shown below service and retrofit equipment in White House, TN.  Teams of hard working men and women like this are ready to upgrade existing Terex® Utilities vehicles to cutting edge PHEV’s with the HyPower™ Hybrid System.

Great Products


Terex® Utilities has been building high quality, high value products since 1945.  With the HyPower™ Hybrid System we are leading the way with new, green technologies for our customers and our communities.


The Terex® HyPower™ team had a great day in Charlotte showcasing our Distribution Plug In Electric Hybrid to a crowd of 150.  Our partners at Parker SSD hosted a terrific event at their facility highlighting innovative technologies.

This event gave us a perfect forum to showcase the advantages of the HyPower™

  • Reduce Fuel Use: Each HyPower™ can save up to 1,200 gallons of diesel fuel yearly.
  • Cost Effective Retrofit: The system can be retrofitted efficiently onto existing vehicles.  This increases ROI and allows the rapid ‘Greening’ of fleets.
  • Reduce Pollution: Our fuel savings and recharging the vehicle using off peak power allows us to reduce up to 10.8 Tons of pollution per vehicle per year.
  • Reduce Noise: A job site without the noise of a diesel engine results in a huge reduction to environmental noise.
  • Increase Crew Efficiency: Workers using a HyPower™ spend less time refueling their vehicles and are able to communicate on the job site without engine noise.
  • Maximize Options: Our simple approach allowed us to develop a system which can be applied to a huge variety of chassis without reducing towing capacity.


    This is the 40th Earth Day and things have changed  since 1970.  The Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act literally altered the business landscape in the US.  These two laws also dramatically improved our quality of life.  Rivers no longer catch fire.  It’s reasonable to eat fish caught in most of North America.  You can sometimes see the mountains from downtown Los Angeles.

    I am old enough to remember the arguments against the Laws that brought these changes.  The economy was bad.  People feared that businesses would be made uncompetitive.  This was in 1972.  These were real concerns.

    Maybe we should look at reduced pollution as an investment.  Think about the improvements in air and water quality over the past 40 years .  Have we received a good return on our investment?

    Our Team was lucky enough to be invited to speak at the Tennessee Utility Fleet Maintenance Association’s annual meeting in Memphis this week.  We decided to bring our HyPower™ plug in electric Hybrid along for the ride.  Nick Camissa gave a great talk about the Green Fleeting options available from Terex and afterwards the UFMA attendees were able to have a first hand look at the HyPower™.

    We had another beautiful day working on the job site without using Diesel fuel.  Thank You UFMA!

    The Run for Clean Air is a combination of an air quality-awareness event for East Tennessee and a fundraiser for the East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition.  The ETCFC is a part of Clean Cities which is a government-industry partnership sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.  Clean Cities has the goal of reducing the use of fossil fuels in vehicles.

    This year Terex was a proud sponsor of the event and a HyPower™ system Trouble Truck was on hand for the festivities.  The event was a big success with nearly a thousand participants.  The HyPower™ system worked throughout the morning without using a drop of diesel fuel.

    This week one of our Terex® HyPower™ plug in Hybrid systems was in Austin, Texas at the TEPC Conference.  It was a beautiful day in Austin.  The wildflowers were in bloom and the HyPower™ system was working without using its diesel engine.

    The difference between our HyPower™ system and the normal utility service truck is that when a HyPower™ system works on a job site it uses electric power to operate the systems.  This little HyPower™ system is capable of more than 2 hours of continuous usage without starting the engine of the truck.

    This type of HyPower™ system is called a Trouble Truck.  Trouble Trucks are designed for working  in and around residential areas where the quite operation of the HyPower is a huge benefit.  The picture to the right shows a HyPower™ system Trouble Truck relaxing in the Austin sunshine.

    Terex has designed a Hybrid that’s a little different.  It’s also a much better solution for our customers.  Our system is the HyPower™, a plug in electric Hybrid designed to meet the needs of the utilities industry.

    Our customers work at a site more often than they drive.  Normal utility trucks run their engines the entire time they work at the job site.  This means that most  fuel is used for site work.  We know our customers so we designed the HyPower™ system to work, not to drive.  

    The HyPower™ system is powerful but simple.  It is powerful enough to reduce or eliminate the use of the diesel engine while working at the job site.  It is simple enough to be retrofitted onto existing vehicles.


    FARMINGTON HILLS, MI (March 21, 2010) — Terex Utilities (Watertown, SD) won The Work Truck Show® Green Award for its HyPower™ Hybrid system at the Work Truck Show 2010. A panel of trade media editors selected the HyPower Hybrid system as the best new product that advances fuel utilization displayed at the Work Truck Show.

    The HyPower Hybrid is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle system that allows utility truck operators to save up to 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour. The system operates the truck’s aerial lift without running the engine to save fuel, reduce emissions and eliminate noise. Terex estimates that the HyPower Hybrid system can reduce diesel fuel usage by up to six gallons every work day. The HyPower system was designed specifically for the utility industry, where vehicles may remain stationary for several hours. It is self-contained, so it can be installed on virtually any chassis, including older trucks. It does not interface with the vehicle engine or transmission, reducing associated wear and tear. (more…)

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